Transfers, if you find a firearm at another dealer, website, auction, etc, and want to buy that firearm you will need to complete what is called a "transfer".  This is where for a nominal fee I can arrange to have the firearm shipped to my business and complete the required paperwork to "transfer" the firearm to you.

Standard rate is $20.00 per transfer if you want to handle sending the FFL License to the seller and making all of the shipping arrangements.

I charge a negotiable rate if I have to send the license to the seller above my standard rate to cover postage, fees, and overhead. Generally that fee is another $20.00 but may be higher or lower depending on the options you require.

In all cases you must arrange payment for the firearm in advance and my fees are due up front.

If you are not approved for a transfer the fees are not refundable. (This seldom happens)

Background checks for handguns are a standard $10.00 charge in addition to the transfer fee. Long guns (rifles & shotguns) require a background check at no charge for transfer.

All firearms sold in accordance with ATF and Wisconsin laws.

Updated  March 2007